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Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Co., Ltd.



Zesen Body Jewelry Factory Service Team


Trust Stainless steel body jewelry manufacturer
Zesen is a company you can trust
Zesen is one of the biggest stainless steel body jewelry manufacturer
Professional body piercing jewelry factory
Professional equipments
Our factory has an area of about 1800 square meters
Best quality Stainless steel body jewelry wholesale
Quality control and stability
We are manufacturer direct selling. We guarantee that our products are the best quality and best price.
Reasonable price Stainless steel body jewelry wholesale
Reasonable price
As a factory ,We frequently strive to offer better, flexible and win-win price,leave your much profitReasonable price.
Flexible OEM Design Fashion body jewelry
Flexible OEM design
Full OEM service to provide customer own brand packing. Over 10 years of experience in customer service,
Zesen Stainless Steel Body Piercing Jewelry Factory

Zesen Body Jewelry Manufacturer

Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Co., Ltd (The company owns the brand ZS.). is a professional body jewelry manufacturer specializing in designing, researching & developmenting, producing and selling a variety of body piercing jewelries such as ear plugs and tunnels, eyebrow rings, nose rings, labret rings, tongue rings, belly rings, nipple rings and dermal anchors, which are made of different materials such as high quality stainless steel , acrylic, resin, silicone, natural wood etc.. We also specialize in making a lot of best quality stainless steel jewelries such as stainless steel earrings, stainless steel bracelets, stainless steel jewelry sets and rings. Our products are available everywhere in the world. Now we are striving to create our own jewelry brand -- Zesen Jewelry.



Zesen Hongkong jewelry Exhibition

Zesen Hongkong Exhibition

We have taken part in the Hongkong Exhibition in March , 2014. 

Russia Customer visit our factory

Russia Customer

Janet is a purchasing agent from Russia. She was so interested in some items of our ear flesh tunnels and also had placed a big order for us last year. 

America Customer of body jewelry company

America Customer

Marcus and Jack are the purchasing agents of a big body jewelry company from America.


1.Are you a Wholesale Body Jewelry Online Store or Retail Online Store?
We are a professional manufacturer specializing in producing wholesale body jewelry more than 10 years experience.
2.How do I setup an account?
You can fill out the form here or call us,You can register yourself to become our member, Whatever you have filled will be protected properly. We provide relevant service upon your information. After your successful register, you?can log in and order our products online immediately.
3.Are there any charges payable for setting up a customer account?
This is free of charge and entails no obligations on your part. You are free to cancel your registration at any time.
4.What are your main products?
our mainly products are ear tunnel plug,belly ring,hoop earring,stud earring,nose ring,eyebrow rings,tongue rings,lip rings,nipple rings,BCR,BCR,septum rings,pendant,bracelet,necklace,etc ,related to stainless steel jewelry .
5.what kind of material are the jewelry made out of?
We currently sell products which range from 3 materials. The first is a very high quality 316l stainless steel ,It is a strong and durable metal which is very easy to clean and maintain The second material is high quality acrylic. It is lightweight and very flexible and offers many choices in colors making it a very attractive material for body jewelry. The 3rd material is flexible soft silicone, which is very lightweight and east to wear,no harms to body.More>>>

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